Arsenal – Amplify

Arsenal is a Belgian duo, consisting of Hendrik Willemyns and John Roan. They are the core of the band, who regularly surround themselves with guest musicians and guest vocalists. This has been a succesful formula for 18 years now; time for the two to try something new…

2018 looks like becoming an incredibly busy year for Arsenal. In the fall, they will publish a poetry book (Room For Imaginary Creatures), in the summer, their film Birdsong comes out, and in the spring, they release their new album In The Rush Of Shaking Shoulders.

Willemyns and Roan found inspiration for the album in Nigeria, where they recorded it as well. There, they experimented with new rhythms and found some musicians who will join Arsenal live.

The newly found Nigerian sounds are omni-present on the band’s new single Amplify, which builds into a most pleasant electro-funk song. I dare you not to tap your feet to it, you’ll see it’s impossible!

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